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Original Source Exhibits
 Stanley Y. Klos, President

Historic.us is a non-profit corporation dedicated to challenging the public to critically view history through the lens of original sources.

Our mission is to develop, through original source exhibits, a respect for truth, the critical intelligence to seek it and a willingness to question pre-conceived notions and biases. We seek to awaken a public mindfulness to the importance of incorporating original sources into its examination of the historic record.

American Hospitality 1776-1976: The Forgotten First Ladies

A Bipartisan PoliticalFest Exhibit, DNC 2016
National Liberty Museum | 321 Chestnut St | Philadelphia

"The public mind seems not to be yet settled on the Vice President. The question has been supposed to lie between Hancock & Adams. The former is far the more popular man in N. England, but he has declared to his lady, it is said, that she had once been the first in America, & he wd. never make her the second." -- James Madison to Edmund Randolph, 28 October 1788

Students and Teachers of US History this is a video of Stanley and Christopher Klos presenting America's Four United Republics Curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. The December 2015 video was an impromptu capture by a member of the audience of Penn students, professors and guests that numbered about 200. - Click Here for more information

The original exhibits at Historic.us cover a wide range of topics, including the Continental Congress and Revolutionary War, Articles of Confederation, Northwest Ordinance, U.S. and State Constitutions, Business and Real Estate, Women’s History and Suffrage, Civil Rights and Black History, Space, War of 1812, Mexican, Civil, Spanish, and World Wars I and II, World Leaders, Article The FirstU.S. Presidents & Hospitality.

Naomi Yavneh Klos on the set of CBS unveiling the opening  Rebels With A Cause exhibit.

US Founding Curriculum Website: www.ceusa.net 

Our Clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies, associations, non-profits, colleges, universities, national conventions, public relations and advertising agencies. Contact us to learn how you can join our "roster" of satisfied clientele by booking an original source exhibit and a professional speaker for your next event.

Although our bookings primarily come from universities, colleges, historical societies, and libraries, we've collaborated with a diversity of clients including the Carnegie Institute, Clara Barton House, Fort Pitt Museum, James Madison's MontpelierJames Monroe Foundation's Birthplace, MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel, National Collegiate Honors Conferences, NY Hilton Hotel, Smithsonian's "The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden", Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, Waldorf=Astoria, the DNC & RNC Conventions, and numerous exhibitions in the LA, VA, WV, and  U.S. Capitols.

Stan Klos presenting at the Republican National Convention's PoliticalFest 2000 Rebels With A Vision Exhibit  in Philadelphia's Convention Hall 

Original Source exhibits are available for display in your community. 

Dr. Naomi Yavneh Klos hosting the Louisiana Original Source Exhibit at the State Capitol Building for the 2012 Bicentennial Celebration.

Book an original source exhibit and a professional speaker for your next event by contacting Historic.us today. Our Clients include many Fortune 500 companies, associations, non-profits, colleges, universities, national conventions, pr and advertising agencies. As an exhibitor of original sources, many of our clients have benefited from our historic displays that are designed to entertain and educate your target audience. Contact us to learn how you can join our "roster" of satisfied clientele today!

Stan Klos with Dave Liniger, RE/MAX International's Chairman of the Board at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada opening his Rebels With A Vision Exhibit.  In the background is  William J. Stone's engraving of the Declaration of Independence.

Museum of Idaho's Rebels With A Cause Exhibit - Queen Charlotte and King George III Autograph Letters Signed - Original sources courtesy of Historic.us

Morrill Act and Governor Francis H. Peirpoint of both the Restored Government of Virginia and later Virginia, signed Commissioner Appointment of William B. Isaacs as Morrill Act Commissioner , which is a founding Virginia Tech University document on exhibit at WV Independence Hall - Original sources courtesy of Historic.us


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Original Source Exhibits

are available for display in your community.

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